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Study of Applications and Analysis of Failures

If you does not know what type of bearing to apply, or why fails the machine periodically, don't doubt in putting your problem into our staff hands.

Regulation of Stocks

Our experience allows us to make studies of optimization of your existence, helping this way to reduce your assets.


With the SKF help and other Represented marks we periodically made courses of formation as much "in remote situ" as in our dependencies in St. Just Desvern.

Alignment and Assembly

Attendance “in remote situ” or in the assembly of any bearing and alignment of machinery, make us contributors of your problem. Our staff will put its knowledge and experience to solve it as fast as possible.


Lubricating systems of lubrication and SKF lubricators, along with the service to calculate the exact doses to maintain the properties of the bearing in their application intact, may have to be their allies to obtain a peak efficiency in anyone of their machines. We offer the possibility of calculating for example the exact doses SYSTEM 24 to maintain free of maintenance its equipment or to analyze, with the attendance of the department of SKF Engineering, what type of fat needs its application depending on the exigencies.

Monitoritzation and Vibration

Our equipment puts at your disposal their knowledge for continuous monitoritzation, or periodic control of its critical machinery, endorsed by the department of SKF Engineering. We offer one of the more effective ways in the market at the moment to carry out in your company/factory a predictive maintenance to avoid any type of shutdown nonprogrammed. For this service we count on the last technological advances of SKF in the field of vibrations and continuous monitoritzation of equipment.

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